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NetWay Broadband Sets New Standards

NetWay Internet is the first provider to offer high-speed Wireless Broadband in the Merrimack Valley and beyond.

North Andover, Ma, July 1, 2002 – NetWay Internet, Massachusetts’ leading Internet Service provider today announced the availability of high-speed Wireless Broadband service for small to large businesses. Previously, businesses in the Merrimack Valley were limited to costly terrestrial connections such as leased lines, DSL, and cable access. NetWay Broadband delivers a new choice in the high-speed market and sets the standards for price, performance and service. “With the arrival of NetWay Broadband, our competitors will be scrambling to restructure their service model”, states NetWay Internet CEO Craig Nuttall.

NetWay Broadband accommodates small and large businesses alike, offering the speed most suitable to a client’s needs. Speed ranges from a 400 kbps entry-level, all the way to 60 Mbps to handle an entire corporate campus. At $59.95 monthly for 400 kbps, NetWay Broadband sets the new standard in pricing for high-speed access.Compare similar service at $79.95 for DSL, $99.00 for cable access, and $500+ for a T1 line.Additionally NetWay Broadband sets the new standard for service by bundling the “always-on” connection of cable, with the “dedicated connection” of DSL, with the “ability to run your own servers” of a T1 line, all built on an easily maintained and cost effective wireless network.NetWay Broadband out does all competitors by guaranteeing installation times of fourteen days or less.

The Cutting-Edge Advantage

Previous attempts by other companies to enter the wireless arena met with stiff resistance presented by the technology itself. Using the popular 802.11b standard proved too slow and difficult to use to become a reliable solution. The key to NetWay Broadband’s success is the use of cutting-edge wireless technology.NetWay immediately recognized the potential of the new 802.16 standard that was published a mere two months ago after two years of development. Rupert Goodwins of ZDNet writes, “802.16 is the newly anointed standard for last-mile wireless links to home and business. It promises to go up to over 100mbps. ”While the 802.16 standard is exciting, NetWay’s combination of this with Near-Line-of-Sight technology eliminates many of the pitfalls that haunted older technologies. “Simply put, the technology has matured, we’ve gotten unprecedented results, and NetWay is uniquely positioned to deliver this superior service”, Nuttall said.

Industry-Leading Service

The new service delivers an “always-on” connection to the Internet with no waiting time to connect and no possibility of failed connections. The connection itself is dedicated meaning you won’t be sharing bandwidth with neighboring businesses as is done with a cable connection.A major selling point is that NetWay Broadband allows you to run your own servers, something most competitors do not allow.With the ability to run your own mail and web servers, businesses could save thousands of dollars in annual outsourcing costs. If this weren’t enough, the company guarantees the service will be installed within 14 days.This guarantee is something unheard of in the high-speed industry where 30-day installations are the norm and 60 days is sometimes exceeded.

About NetWay

NetWay has been offering quality Internet service since 1995. A locally owned Internet service provider, NetWay can move quickly to meet its clients’ needs. The planned rollout of NetWay Broadband service is to cover Northeastern Massachusetts within 18 months. The network will span 30 to 40 cities and towns throughout Massachusetts by Q4 2003.In addition to NetWay Broadband, the company also offers unlimited dialup, T1 and frame relay lines, satellite Internet access, along with web design and hosting. NetWay has consistently been among the area’s leading Internet service providers. For additional company information, please visit the NetWay website at: www.netway.com. Customers can call 978.557.0097 or email to broadband@netway.com for more information./p>


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