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NetWay Puts a Stop to Viruses and Spam

North Andover, MA, July 3, 2002 - NetWay announced today the launch of a revolutionary new virus and spam filtering solution for its high-speed wireless and dialup subscribers. Continuing the company's commitment to provide the best possible Internet experience, NetWay is providing the latest and best tools, which prevent dangerous viruses and annoying junk email from ever reaching customer computers.

Spam happens. Virus attacks happen. But with the NetWay on your side, you'll have the tools and technology you need to fight these very serious problems.

The Virus Problem

Viruses are an epidemic that now rank as the number one killer of computers in the world. Infection by a computer virus can be devastating. About 100 million American adults have computers hooked up to the Internet at home, but only half of computer-equipped households use anti-virus software, according to experts.

NetWay Chief Technical Officer explained, "The number of known viruses surpassed 70,000 in January 2002.  Dozens of new viruses are cropping up and mutating every day. An overwhelmingly large proportion of infections today are caused by infected email attachments. Despite the dangers involved, most home and office PC users who have anti-virus software don't update it at least weekly, leaving themselves vulnerable to newly minted viruses."

Smith quotes from a recent survey by Central Command, a supplier of anti-virus software: "The survey revealed that in the last 12 months the majority of PC users (62%) had experienced at least one virus, and over half of these infections resulted in a loss of data. We're all vulnerable, and that's downright scary."

NetWay's Virus Protection Solution

Every email user needs a powerful solution that prevents malicious email-borne viruses from threatening their computer system and the information stored on it. NetWay's Protection Assistant automatically protects users from fast-spreading email viruses - and all they have to do is turn it on. No desktop software, no downloading virus updates, and no hassles! NetWay does it all.

NetWay's Protection Assistant, our customers are protected from the over 70,000 known viruses," Smith stated." Plus, virus updates are provided automatically EVERY 30 SECONDS by McAfee - a world leader in anti-virus software. No desktop software provides this level of virus protection or the ability to stay current with mutating viruses."

The "Spam" Problem

Spam, spam, spam, spam...that old Monty Python tune used to be humorous. But on the Internet, unwanted spam email is no laughing matter. Spam is the common term for unsolicited commercial email -- the Internet version of junk mail. In addition to being unsolicited and annoying, spam emails often include advertisements for dubious products, raunchy pornography, phony get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services.

Practically no one wants it, but everyone receives spam. Each day, millions of spam emails are sent. "Some of our customers have been overwhelmed by the amount of spam they were getting," Smith commented. "In fact, it's estimated that over 30% of all email messages sent each day through the Internet are nothing but spam."

NetWay's Spam Filtering Solution

Junk Email Assistant puts you in control of spam. It's easy, too. Simply select from a pre-defined list of irritating categories of spam. Then, set your tolerance level for stopping the intrusive email - from lenient to aggressive. The Junk Email Assistant uses a ranking process to determine whether a message is spam or a valid message. An "Aggressive" setting will keep your inbox as clean as possible.

You never lose a message, either. You'll be given a private, web-based Message Center for sorting and reviewing the quarantined email messages. Visit any time to review messages or adjust settings. Summaries on quarantined message activity are sent regularly to keep you updated. As you interact with messages in the Message Center, the Junk Email Assistant filters will intelligently adapt to your usage patterns. No one is more qualified to filter your email than YOU. That is why the Junk Email Assistant lets you customize the filters to meet your needs.

Get SAFE, get NetWay

"With NetWay's new value added services, we are stopping viruses and spam in their tracks -- BEFORE they ever get to our users", said Smith. The most effective way to win the battle with viruses and spam is to activate the NetWay Mail Center , a free virus protection and junk mail solution provided exclusively to NetWay subscribers.

About NetWay

NetWay provides a complete range of cost effective Internet services for residential and business. NetWay is the largest provider of Internet solutions in the Merrimack Valley. NetWay services include quality high-speed wireless, and dialup Internet access, Website hosting for businesses, and complete Local Area Network configuration and installation.

For more information, contact NetWay at 978-557-0097. The company's Website can be viewed at www.NetWay.com


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