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New and Innovative Email Solutions


NetWay is very pleased to introduce a new service created to help small and large businesses manage their email. NetWay's new Spam Filtering and Enhanced EMail service will add protection against spam, security from viruses, and the time and cost savings of recent email innovations. While some competitors may charge upwards of $20,000 for a comparable service, NetWay's service is available for an affordable monthly rate.

Service Overview
The service is intended for businesses that have their own domain name (like peteswidgets.com for example). The base level service will allow you to manage up to five email accounts for this domain, and more can be added for a small additional fee. Through a set of easy to use management tools (and NetWay's reputable support if necessary) your company can utilize and control the following functions:

Anti-Spam Service
With spam (or junk email) approaching nearly 50% of all messages sent on the Internet, no one needs these messages wasting valuable resources. Additionally these spam messages frequently contain offensive material being sent to your employees. By not taking any proactive measures, your company could be negligent or liable for this material. Having a service like NetWay's Email Management and Anti-Spam service will proactively reduce annoying spam. NetWay will maintain an aggressive spam filter, or if desired, you can fine-tune the spam filter to your companies liking. NetWay's Anti-Spam service allows you to specifically allow or deny certain email senders. NetWay also uses a distributed and collaborative spam detection and filtering network known as Vipul's Razor. NetWay adds further spam filtering through the use of Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse (DCC).

Anti-virus Protection
NetWay will scan every incoming message. If a virus is detected, the message is bounced back to the sender and will never make it to your inbox. Your company is both protected and spared the inconvenience of dealing with dangerous viruses. NetWay's service automatically checks for new virus updates each night to make sure there is the highest level of virus protection available.

Convenience and Security
On the go and need to check your email? Not a problem using the included WebMail service. Through your web browser, from anywhere in the world, you'll not only have access to your new messages, but also all of your saved messages, sent messages, and even your address book. Through the use of the IMAP protocol, you'll have a great amount of flexibility in organizing your mail and be able to rely on this organization from where ever you go. All this convenience and functionality occurs through a secure means so you can check your email without fear. In fact, all your email transmissions between you and NetWay are secured through a variety of sophisticated encryption schemes.

Advanced Features
The service has many features that power users will love. Mail Mapping and Aliasing will allow you to receive email at an unlimited number of addresses all mapped to your mailboxes. By setting up a catch-all you can receive email to absolutely any address at your domain. Other features include message forwarding, vacation auto responder, and calendaring services. Furthermore, most servers require that you be connected through their network in order to send email. Through the included SMTP-Auth service you will be able to send mail (relay) from where ever you are connected. Additionally all SMTP communications are secured using ESMTP over SSLv3 automatically so there is no need for security concerns. Also, any POP3 or IMAP communication is also protected via SSL. Lastly, we think you will find the sorting capacity of IMAP and the robust Webmail features to be very useful. Webmail has an easy to use HTML interface with a full feature address book that supports LDAP imports. The system has spell checking, integrated mail filtering, and many more features. Javascript and cookies are not required.

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