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Residential DSL

Starting at $39.90/Month*

  • Cost includes all loop and bandwidth charges*
  • 1 Year contract required
  • Quick and easy self-installation
  • 5 email addresses (yourname@netway.com)
  • 10MB personal webpage (www.netway.com/~yourname)
    • Enhance your NetWay service by getting your own Custom Domain (yourname.com).

DSL Options:

Service**CostSpeed Download/Upload
Net-Surfer 384$39.90384kbps/128Kbps***
Net-Surfer 608$44.90608Kbps/128Kbps***
Net-Surfer 1.5$49.901.5Mbps/128Kbps***
Net-Surfer Soho 1.5****$69.901.5Mbps/384Kbps***
Net-Surfer Soho 3.0****$149.903.0Mbps/384Kbps***

* Additional hardware and installation charges. Call for quote
** Available in select locations, please call for qualification
*** Service is provided with Best Commercial Effort as Service Level Agreement
**** Static IP addresses available.

Getting Started

  • A helpful NetWay representative will determine which services are available for your location
  • Contact NetWay: 888-592-6288 or info@netway.com

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phone 888-592-6288 or 978-557-0097


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