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Vanquish Pro

The only complete anti-spam solution:

Vanquish Pro

Spam wastes time, resources and money. Finally, anti-spam that turns the table. No spam filters or complex rules. Stop spam abuse, invoke your power of economics.....

Vanquish is the unmatched, complete anti-spam solution. With Vanquish, you won't miss important e-mails from friends, family, or work; your electronic statements or newsletters will still be delivered; and long-lost friends who want to get in touch with you can still do so easily. Finally, ultimate effectiveness is achieved by giving you the power to instantly penalize a sender when you feel a message was inappropriate.

The product simply asks you to select from three levels of defense, each with an escalating level of protection. In its most trusting mode, Vanquish will allow real people access to you but instantly stops spam from unwanted automated senders (the largest source of spam) by forcing them to guarantee paying a penalty if you find their contact unwelcome. That's it, there is never anything to adjust, modify, or tweak. No rules, No filters, NO SPAM.

Features and Benefits

  • SmartList™: No need to maintain lists of authorized or denied senders.
  • SmartSubject: Never worry about receiving replies to your emailóeven if sent from an unknown address.
  • SurfMatch: When you purchase online, sign up for a newsletter, or just ask for information, automated messages won't be discarded or challenged.
  • The Challenge: Accept mail from real people while still stopping spam cold.
  • A Guarantee: Bulk mailers must have your explicit permission oróif you enable itómay include a Penalty Button within their mail. If pressed by the recipient, it results in financial loss to the sender: instantaneous, irrevocable and indisputable. Control access to your IN box through the power of economics.
  • Peace of Mind: No rules, no filters, no spam box, no maintenance. No spam at all!
    Vanquish Exclusive

System Requirements

  • Supported OS Platforms:
    Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP
  • Supported Email Clients:
    Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, Opera (M2)
  • Supported Mail Protocols:
  • Hardware:
    Pentium 133MHz or faster, 64 Mbytes of memory, 70 Mbytes free disk space.
    (If CD requires DVD or CD-ROM drive)

Note: will not work with AOL, MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo, or other web mail services.

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